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Up Stroking & Laboratory Presses

A new affordable range of Laboratory Presses have recently been launched to complement BIPEL’s present range.

The new range of Up Stroking & Laboratory Presses were introduced to fill the smaller end of the market which the present range did not fill i.e. under 40 tons clamp force.

The new range is from 10 tons clamp force up to 50 tons with platen sizes of 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm and 400mm x 400mm. Special platen sizes within this range also available.

Controls range from a manual push button up to full automatic P.L.C Access Unit.

Platen heating options are electrical or oil heated up to 450c degrees

The Presses are very compact enclosing at each one of the other ends the hydraulic power pack and electrical controls, each being very accessible.

Various Options available

The laboratory press range is now from 20 tons up to 200 tons with a wide variety of options.



500t Purpose Built BIPEL Press
Oil heated platens 1200mm x 1800mm


300t Purpose Built BIPEL Press
Electric heated platens 1520mm x 1520mm


300t Purpose built BIPEL Press
Steam heated platens 1000mm x 1700mm

240t upstroking press

50t Purpose built BIPEL Press
Table size 350mm x 350mmpress 2 white
 50 ton lab pic
150t BIPEL up-stroking press
Electric heated platen 600mm x 600mm
50t upsroking press
150t BIPEL up-stroking press
Electric heated platen 600mm x 600mmDSCF2960
20t BIPEL up-stroking press
Electric heated platens 240mm x 240mmCopy of DSCN0894right side
150t BIPEL up-stroking presses
Electric heated platen 500mm x 500mm50t twin upstroking press